PA-Search specializes in the following support roles in Denmark:

Executive Assistants


Personal Assistants


By placing instrumental EAs and PAs we are helping leaders and organisations accelerate their leadership.

PA-Search matches your C and VP level executives with like-minded experienced candidates. Our talent pool includes competent and discreet professionals who have provided top-level support for leading executives. 


EA search will save you valuable time by performing in-depth screening and analysis in order to present, at most, two or three ideal candidates.

  • Kick-off with client
  • Search phase
  • Assessments
  • Reference taking
  • Presentations for client

The search and assessment process lasts in average 4-5 weeks including reference taking.

A comprehensive job specification describing the candidate's ideal experience, competencies, personality traits and education is defined by EA Search based on the client’s requirements. A legal contract binds both parties and the search begins.

EA Search taps passive and active prospective candidates in our referral network, database and at times via online advertising. All criteria in a job description will be addressed via cases and testing to ensure a solid analysis.

Thorough Hogan Assessment Matching
Although much of the partnership evolves over time - the initial pairing is the code for the long-term successful business partnerships. Hence, EA Search makes use of the Hogan personality and EQ assessment tool deep diving into the cultural fit and long-term partnership match.

EA Search charges a flat retainer fee and provides six months of guarantee in all our searches.


My 16 years of first-hand experience
as an executive assistant supporting inspiring
and busy executives is applied in the whole
search and assessment process

Companies have long recognized the necessity and value of conducting a thorough and retained search when hiring an executive. In PA search we believe that the assistant supporting and facilitating the role of that executive, requires the same professional search approach. Perhaps even more so – since every executive’s work style is unique. Finding the highest caliber assistant who “matches” and complements an executive’s style is vital to the long-term performance and effectiveness of the executive and therefore to the success of the company.

My background covers a Master in Arts and both
corporate as well as entrepreneurial experiences supporting executives in international companies within various industries including Shipping, Financial Services, Consumer, Technology and Consulting.

When you speak to PA-Search you speak to
someone who knows your world.


Are you looking for a top-notch EA or PA to help you accelerate your leadership and business transformation?

Today’s business climate can hardly be more challenging and interesting. To face the current climate’s range of management challenges, corporate leadership needs world class assistance.

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The goal is not to speculate on what might happen, but to imagine what you can make happen.”
Gary Hamel


Would you like to become a member of PA-Search’s confidential candidate database for a job change now or later, please submit your CV below in full discretion.

Your priorities in relation to work, experience, skills and career interests are carefully assessed in relation to compatibility with our client.
It is critical for us that we match you precisely so that the cooperation is lasting and productive for both parties.



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