How to leverage this powerful business partnership

For the executive, be open and willing to educate and share information and priorities continuously. A large part of an executive’s focus is on executing objectives, whether leadership driven or bottom line.

When a qualified EA and PA adopts those objectives, two minds become one, and the impact of that cohesion is felt positively throughout the management team and the organisation.

Executive Assistant (EA) versus Personal Assistant (PA)

An executive assistant (EA) plays a very important role in providing top support to executive staff. EAs tend to be relied upon quite heavily by their principals and are the first point of contact for all correspondence. Today’s executives lean on their EAs not just for administrative support but also for strategic counsel, internal communications tasks, technical expertise and critical analysis.

A personal assistant (PA) will typically work for one manager and will perform more private lifestyle support tasks than an EA. A PA may perform tasks such as coordinating and arranging travel and luxury holidays, social activities, restaurant reservations, events, personal shopping and errands. Whether you want to have dinner at the hottest new restaurant or if you want tickets for the World Cup final, your PA will make things happen.